A comprehensive set of insurance billing solutions.

Verification of Benefits & Eligibility

With our team of knowledgeable verification specialists, you can be confident that you will receive the most comprehensive and accurate benefit and eligibility information. Benefits checked within business hours are done and verified in under an hour. We have the experience to know what questions to ask – to make sure your particular facility can get reimbursed to each specific policy.

Communication with Families & Patients

Because we are actual licensed insurance professionals we are happy to talk directly with your patients or your families and answer any questions they might have. Our entire approach is to make your jobs easier.

Utilization Review Management

Each insurance company has a preauthorization and utilization review process for determining medical necessity. About 98% of them won’t approve admissions until a clinician has assessed the patient. They want up-to-date clinical information and a face-to-face assessment.

We handle all pre-auths and utilization reviews during the billing process. We will handle the peer-to-peer reviews as well.

Our Utilization Review Coordinators understand the complex dynamics of the mental health and substance abuse insurance industry from every angle, and will work to ensure long-term, positive collaboration between families, carriers, and providers.

Insurance Coding & Claims Management

Our follow-up on claims is what truly separates Axis from the competition. Axis’s expert staff and proprietary medical software enable us to deliver the most efficient processing, management, and collection of your accounts.

Our claims management process includes accurate data tracking from all systems to ensure future forecasting of similar cases, and internal auditing–we monitor ourselves so you don’t have to.


At no extra cost, we will handle all three levels of appeals. This can be a time-consuming process for any treatment team and a confusing process for any patient or family. Other billing companies have made appeals their entire service. We throw it in as an added benefit to working with us.


Our custom tracking and reporting software allows you to see where we are at in the billing process. You can log in right from our website and view at any time for any patient how many days authorized, billed, and collected.

You will be able to see a total of how much reimbursement has been collected given any time period and from what insurance carriers. You will be able to make future marketing and operational decisions based on the information we gather for you.


Need advice on licensing? Client tracking software? Is JCAHO or CARF necessary? We can help with your in-house processes and operations, and answer whatever questions you may have.