Licensed insurance billing specialists. Transparent real-time reporting.

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Interactive data insights and more.

Bringing full insurance and billing services to behavioral health facilities.

Our team comes from various backgrounds in the inpatient addiction and mental health industry. We know well the urgency that governs all parts of the process—for treatment centers, insurance providers, and concerned families alike.

This urgency demands a comprehensive, collaborative, compliant approach. We handle the entire approach and work with your clinical team only when needed so you can focus on providing quality treatment for your patients.

We are committed to a simple philosophy: a comprehensive, collaborative, compliant approach to insurance billing.

We are licensed insurance professionals governed by a strong code of ethics. We have a genuine interest in cultivating long-term, productive relationships with all those involved in the industry.

We communicate with, assist and support families during the appeals process, based on their specific needs. Through our web portal, we ensure transparency for patients and facilities, ensuring that both know exactly what is being done.

We don’t get paid unless you do. Our unique partnering system ensures that all involved parties work together to achieve a result that meets everyone’s needs.

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