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Find out if your facility qualifies for our claims payment guarantee program.

We stand behind our work with our Claims Guarantee Payment Program.

Covid has made insurance companies adjust their processes and policies, in turn causing behavioral health billing to be a bit more complex. With so many changes coming with telehealth, coding, medical necessity, and logistical requirements – Axis is now guaranteeing payments of all claims.

We will cover the cost of any potential “take backs” by any insurance we submit claims for. We will help navigate your facility through the criteria needed to submit claims for any level of care (RTC, PHP, IOP, ROP) depending on the state licensure and requirements of each carrier.

We do have some requirements to implement this program, please reach out for further information.

Our team comes from various backgrounds in the inpatient addiction and mental health industry.

For those of you who understand Third-Party Insurance Advocate Contracts, you know that this discount alone results in a substantial increase in your bottom line by reducing costs comparative to your current contract which is likely a high hourly rate or a % commission on all collected Insurance revenue.

We work with Program Executives and their teams to make sure that your program gets the absolute most out of your insurance billing…and we make it our passion to do so.

To keep this succinct, our mantra is Every Claim, On Time, Every Time! Further, we provide executive dashboards that would otherwise cost you thousands of dollars that assist you in managing your most important financial resource….your revenue.

We are licensed insurance professionals governed by a strong code of ethics.

We have a genuine interest in cultivating long-term, productive relationships with all those involved in the industry.

We communicate with, assist and support families during the appeals process, based on their specific needs.

Through our web portal, we ensure transparency for patients and facilities, ensuring that both know exactly what is being done.

We work on contingency–we don’t get paid unless you do.

This ensures that all involved parties are always working together toward the exact same result.

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