The Axis Client Relations Manager: Built by our business to help you do yours.

The Axis CRM has been built directly by industry professionals with years of experience in medical billing, not subcontracted out to other programmers. Every aspect has been designed to best address the most urgent and prevalent problems our clients face.

  1. Click the “Log In” button above
  2. Enter “demo-client” for the username
  3. And “demo” as the password

Real-time reporting.

  • Log in to view updates from Axis as they happen, and know exactly where your billing processes stand.
  • No need to waste time checking up on claims or hunting down information while on the phone with a parent–all the info you need is conveniently located in one place.
  • Through delegate accounts, you can grant access to specific patient information to others, such as parents and ed consultants.

Streamlined communication.

  • Our mobile interface makes it easy to check your billing status on the go.
  • Need clarification on something you see? It’s easy to send us your questions right from the dashboard.

Trends and insights.

  • Our “Insights” panel gives you a compact visual impression of your business.
  • See your financial totals over time, by care level, and (coming soon) by custom demographic filter.
  • Quickly view trends at a glance, or expand the graphs to see the detailed data charts behind them.

Total transparency.

  • Our administrator interface allows us to keep accessible logs of our billing processes, so you can see not only authorizations and collections, but the step-by-step process we took to get there.
  • If you spot a problem, you’ll know exactly what to contact us about.


Get a closer look with our live demo.

  1. Click the “Log In” button above
  2. Enter “demo-client” for the username
  3. And “demo” as the password