Referring Professionals & Educational Consultants

Say goodbye to juggling a variety of in-house and third-party billers, and give your clients the gift of a single, comprehensive billing solution.

We work directly with consultants, keeping you in the loop while handling communication with your families, for both adolescents and young adult treatment centers.

Our team comes from various backgrounds in the inpatient addiction and mental health industry. We know well the urgency that governs all parts of the process—for treatment centers, insurance providers, and concerned families alike. We streamline and remove the uncertainty from your insurance billing processes, and manage questions from your clients so that you don’t have to.

We bill the best level of care, always. Our combined decades of experience allow us to bill for the level of care that will yield the best outcome for any specific situation. If you have struggled with having appeals rejected, there might be a simple fix that Axis can provide for you.

Our dedicated Appeals Team is the best in the business. Instead of handing off this aspect to another team, we can incorporate it seamlessly into our billing process when the need arises. Our appeals are reviewed and approved by a team of experienced lawyers, and, when medical necessity is met, we have around a 90% rate of successfully overturning denials.

We are aligned with you–we don’t get paid until reimbursement is issued. This ensures that all involved parties are always working together toward the exact same result. You no longer have to work with billing companies who are looking to benefit even when you lose.

Call, text, email, or use the contact form on our website, and we’ll get in touch with you as soon as we can.


Questions We Can Answer

What is your reimbursement strategy?

We engage your insurance benefits to maximize potential reimbursement for the policy you pay for on a monthly basis.

What are the pros and cons of your reimbursement strategy?

The pros for using Axis are that we do not have an up front fee and only get paid when you do. Also we have been in the insurance industry for the past 20 years and are aligned to maximize potential reimbursement. Axis strategy is in lock step with your insurance rules and regulations for reimbursement to the point where there are no cons when choosing Axis.

How much reimbursement might I anticipate?

Depending on your particular insurance & medical necessity Axis has seen 30%-40% of your out of pocket expense reimbursed.

What is your process for working with families and their residential / wilderness therapy claims?

Axis best approach with families is to be engaged prior to any admission of a facility or wilderness program. The first step is to verify your benefits to see if there is any potential reimbursement. Second is to coordinate with the program the admission date to get all necessary clinical information to engage your insurance. Third is to get authorization for coverage and send claims to your insurance as each authorization is obtained. The last step in the process is finalizing claims either through the family or the facility for accounting and then finally reimbursement for invoicing.

How do you approach and support preauthorization?

Axis approaches pre authorization the best at the time of admission. This is very key when engaging insurance carriers. It is very difficult to obtain days or months after admission. In supporting pre authorization Axis will do weekly update calls with case managers to maintain ongoing coverage until medical necessity has been exhausted.

How do you define success? What is your success rate?

Axis defines success in two ways, one is giving clear information on how your insurance works and if there is potential for reimbursement. Second is when there is reimbursement to help offset the costs of treatment. Dependent on your insurance out of network benefits is the driver for success rate. As long as you have out of network benefits Axis will be able to get reimbursement that your policy allows.

What is your fee structure and when am I billed?

Axis fee structure is 10% of any reimbursement accrued to your insurance. Axis sends out invoices once proof of payment has been allotted to families or facilities.

How are you different than other insurance advocates?

Axis is to date the only insurance advocate firm that has licensed insurance professionals on staff.

How long does the insurance reimbursement process take?

On average it takes 45-60 days for claims to be processed by the major insurance carriers.

Do you process claims using my disability insurance?

No, disability insurance does not cover any residential or wilderness admissions.