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Claims Payment Guarantee Program.

Insurance covers eating disorders just like substance abuse depression and anxiety

  • We are experts at knowing the right codes for the right diagnosis and carrier.
  • We have a very good pulse on the national averages of reimbursement and will fight for the correct pricing
  • We are experts in the complexities of insurance billing for eating disorders and mental health.

Most policies will cover eating disorders because it falls under behavioral health coverage

  • Parity law enforces the coverage of eating disorders.
  • We check all benefits before admission to determine eligibility.
  • Give peace of mind to your patients of an idea of what to expect $$$ wise.

Axis can speak to families directly regarding eating disorders and their insurance

  • We are licensed professionals that actually can advise and enroll patients into the proper health plans.
  • We can walk patients through the possibility of reimbursement and set expectations.
  • You have direct access through our online software to see where every claim is processing at any given time.

Out of network benefits can help cover the cost 30%-50% of cash pay clients

  • Out of network insurance pays above the national average.
  • No extra processes on your part, we operate within the business operations you have set up.
  • Increase revenue with no extra work.

Do you ask potential admissions if they are using insurance?

  • Add insurance reimbursement to your admissions tool belt.
  • Know the right questions to ask – (we do that).
  • Have confidence in getting claims processed and paid.

How to do ROP and IOP/PHP claims from the facility and/or treating therapist

  • We make sure NPI’s are on file and distinguished before submitting claims.
  • We make sure you are credentialed as in or out of network depending on your contracts.
  • Negotiate with third party pricing companies pre-billing for ease of processing.

We are licensed insurance professionals governed by a strong code of ethics.

We have a genuine interest in cultivating long-term, productive relationships with all those involved in the industry.

We communicate with, assist and support families during the appeals process, based on their specific needs.

Through our web portal, we ensure transparency for patients and facilities, ensuring that both know exactly what is being done.

We work on contingency–we don’t get paid unless you do.

This ensures that all involved parties are always working together toward the exact same result.

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