3 Suggestions For Getting A Loved One Into Treatment

Helping someone who has an addiction can be a very challenging task, especially when it comes to a loved one.  We have put together a simple yet effective little guide to help you get started.

  1. Call attention to the situation.

Family members are often more in denial than the addict themselves. Talk about it. Put the elephant in the room on the table. You know it’s a problem and everyone can see and feel it. Now it’s time to take action and do what you have to because you love and care them, sometimes more than they love and care for themselves.

  1. Get on the same page.

There will be hostility. Show a united front and get on the same page to have the greatest impact. This may mean hiring interventionist to lead an intervention. The addict will not welcome nor consider any type of help if they feel they are being attacked or forced to do something. Get a common understanding and express your love and concern so they understand your worry for their well-being.

  1. Act immediately

It is extremely important to get an addict into drug treatment the moment they are ready – and before they change their mind. A new environment and professional care will help your loved one get better for good. Reassuring them that you will be there for them once they get out of treatment and expressing how proud you are of them for committing themselves to treatment.

Following these three steps can be of great help when approaching a loved one with an addiction. The addiction can sometimes be the layer on top of the real issue with the addict, and going to treatment and getting the care they need and deserve will allow those problems and or issues to surface to be talked about.

We hope this was informative and helpful in your journey of helping your loved one with an addiction. There are many treatment centers and options to choose from, finding the one that works for you and them is as simple as reaching out and doing some research to find which one you’re most comfortable with.

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